together, we play

About Us

ubanita.org builds an engine to run single-screen 2D multi-player games. To play these, all you need is a smart phone with an HTML5 capabable browser as the controller and a shared display (desktop, TV, beamer, cinema) to view games.

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Please send your questions and comments to info@ubanita.org.

Game Hosting

Games that you develop using our SDK can be run with our Docker image for you to host. Just share the web address to your game with your friends and start playing together.

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Game SDK

Use the Game SDK to build single-screen multi-player games. Games are writting in Javascript using the Ubanita API. The API has many features including physics, textured sprites and controller interaction.

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Open Source Games

All showcases that we create are available as Open Source under the Creative Commons License.

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